Educational Mission Statement


Educational Mission Statement • Leadership Beliefs

The purpose of education is to help people:
  • identify and develop the interests they have within themselves so they may enjoy life and improve the human condition;
  • gain enough wisdom to be self-sufficient in, and contribute to, a democratic society.

My role is to create an environment where children are:

  • challenged and engaged by worthwhile, significant goals;
  • free to pursue these goals in ways that help them construct their own meaning.

My commitment is to:

  • appreciate the children for who they are;
  • enjoy their journey with them.

My role in education in the next ten years is to:

  • Learn how existing technology can help students work together to construct their own sense of the world;
  • Share these understandings with others so they can knowledgeably choose to use these technologies with their students; and
  • Lead the development and implementation of yet unknown technologies that promise to help achieve these goals.


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