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Current Job
Sarah is currently the Office Manager of the Humanities and Teacher Education Division. Since taking over the job in April 2001, her duties have expanded to monitoring the usage of the Division technology equipment: laptops, LCD projects, scanner and other computer-related hardware. She also maintains and updates the division website. Her job now is not her ultimate career, but something to help ease the pain of paying for graduate school and undergraduate loans. After receiving  her Master of Arts in Educational Technology in this OMAET program, she plans on pursuing a masters in Library Science, where she can help high school and college level students learn how best to access true and good information off the Internet.

Previous Experience
Coordinator of Writing Center at Pepperdine University--assisted students in researching on university library databases and on the Internet, held workshops on how to efficiently execute Internet research methods, mentored students with their writing assignments.

Technical Expertise
Sarah is very familiar with Microsoft FrontPage© as she uses it to maintain her division web site. She also has a general familiarity with PC's as she helps professors try to troubleshoot common problems on their computers. (We do hope that OMAET professors can troubleshoot their own common problems.)

Sarah updates and maintains the Humanities and Teacher Education Division Website at

B.A. English, Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Creative Writing.

Possible ARP
Sarah is toying with the idea of working with students in the Writing Center, the writing consultants who meet with students. I'd like to form some kind of on-line community among the workers giving me feedback on how they interact with the students who come in to get help. She'd like to further extend this community to the students who come to visit the Writing Center and create a community of learning amongst them.

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Sarah is third from the front

Sarah (third from the front) just does it as she gets help from some friends to get to her Tapped-In session on time.

Favorite Quote
Just Do It - Nike

Outrigger Canoe Paddling, Surfing, Volleyball and Basketball.

Kailua, Hawaii (Island of O'ahu) 

June 20, 1977.




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