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From the LinkOne ED 633 Syllabus by Linda Polin

"You will study you work place as a culture/practice/activity system. You will identify learning in that setting, and how the context, activities, participants and artifacts (tools, signs, and symbols) shape learning in that setting. I expect the group to go so far as to do appropriate interviews, 'Net searching, participant observation, and perhaps even some library work to become very knowledgeable on their chosen case."

Based on the class of the morning of September 25, we looked at using Lave & Wenger's subheadings of Chapter 4 in Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation" as our organization points. The subheadings are:

  • Structuring resources for learning in practice
  • The place of knowledge: Participation, learning curricula, communities of practice
  • The problem of access: Transparency and sequestration
  • Discourse and practice
  • Motivation and identities: Effects of participation
  • Contradictions and change: Continuity and displacement.


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