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From the ED-630 Syllabus: Construct a personal web page that covers each element below:

  • Determine an area of technology in which you intend to extend your skills (e.g., web page construction, server setup, CD ROM construction, etc.)

  • Determine an area in learning in which you wish to extend your knowledge (e.g., problem-base learning, portfolio assessment, design a short term professional development, etc.)

  • Develop a scenario five years out that describes where you want to be and what you want to be doing

Note: In a team of no more than three people, prepare a page on a selected reading from the choice of titles in the readings section. You should link to this page from your personal web page, and the link should be contextualized by one of the headings above.

Area of technology in which I wish to extend my skills: installing and running open-source collaborative web software on sites hosted by web presence providers. Current collaborative web software assumes the person setting up the service has complete access to a server. Although Swiki is simple to install and run, the drawback for most users is that they do not have access to a computer outside of a firewall, so the software is not useful as it can only be reached by computers inside the firewall. OpenWiki has some potential, but it needs modification to work on a Web Presence Provider. The original WikiWikiWeb can be run on a provider, but it has limitations in formatting. The ultimate goal is to find one that is "easy" for teachers to use without having to involve their technology departments.

Area of learning in which I wish to extend my knowledge: Project collaboration in multi-age groups that includes face-to-face, synchronous, and asynchronous collaboration. My experience with using these various modes was strictly in same-grade groups but the current technology tools available for collaboration when the classes can't meet face-to-face has potential for making such collaborations easier and more productive.

Five year scenario:  In five years, I'll be:

  • Consulting in digital collaboration.
  • Developing collaboration tools and methodologies.
  • Working in an environment that permits me to try out new tools and methodologies.
  • Presenting scheduled seminars and courses in such collaboration and integration.
  • Evangelizing digital collaboration.

In this environment, Guy Kawasaki's Selling the Dream is most appropriate and provides guidance and scenarios for selling the dream of people working together.

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