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January 2002: This will be the time to start having the students do more writing as a routine part of their work on the web. If necessary, I'll start a discussion group using FrontPage. As the second semester starts then, I'll use the result of my Learning Blueprint (feedback forms) for the students in each of my classes to write a reflection once a week. (This will replace the paper weekly reports I used to have that were too unwieldy to work with.)

February 2002: By this time the school should have conference board software that I can set up to use with my classes. I will start giving them small assignments in the conferences to spark conversation. The challenge here will be to evaluate their contributions and discuss with them what is working and what isn't.

March 2002: By late February and early March, I will be having them plan and submit their project proposals and extended work proposals through the conferencing software. In addition, they will also start collaborating on projects through the software if they haven't done so. Collaboration includes working with others not in their classes.

April 2002: This is the time to pull it all together, go over the results in depth, including the feedback from the students, and make changes.

May 2002: Test any changes with the students and get their feedback. If this is like most May's it will be very busy with school work. The challenge here will be to keep them interested in the project, which means that before this I will have had to tap into what makes it interesting for them to work with each other.

June-July 2002: Wrap up the ARP and prepare for the presentation.

• Action Research Project • Proposal • Research (Working Draft) • Plan of Action • Cycle 1 Report • Cycle 2 Report • Action Research Project Report •

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