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The following resources have images that are more likely to be public domain or have a copyright licenses that have reasonable restrictions. Please follow the licensing rules in each page.  (See the Multimedia Skills Copyright page for more information about copyright and how to obtain permission to use an image.)

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) Index
The astronomy picture of the day has a wonderful photos and illustrations. Work that is credited to a government organization (such as NASA) is usually public domain. Work credited to individuals or non-government funded projects most likely needs permission to use.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Central Library - Photo Collection 
This site has photos of weather and just about everything to do with weather observation, including photos of the equipment (including ships and planes) used. The same notes as on the APOD site applies. bills itself as the premier visual search engine. It does have lots of connections, but you still need to determine copyright restrictions. links to public domain pictures
Not all links lead to public domain pictures, so be aware of the copyright restrictions.
Images in the Public Domain
This site has images in the public domain as they are taken from a 1911 publication of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.
Library of Congress Civil War pictures
The Library of Congress has many Civil War pictures available for download through their web site. These are all public domain as the copyright has expired. 
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs On-line Catalog
The Library of Congress has many other images available, and they can be accessed through this on-line catalog. However, read the investigating rights section before browsing the pictures as you are still responsible for determining copyright before using any images.
The following links are to various part of the site, either to the Web Clip Art or Desktop Publishing Areas. Each of these provides more links to collections that are likely to be free, not public domain, so still be aware of potential copyright restrictions. This site is about two years old so it does not necessarily have the best links.
Web Clip Art links
Free Clip Art and Photos Net Links - Desktop Publishing
Graphics Tips: Finding Clip Art & Photos
Graphics Tips Net Links - Desktop Publishing

And last, but not least, for the animated GIF aficionado, 

Animation Factory

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