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Development for Web Sites

Determine Purpose

What is the purpose for your web? Is it to tell a story, provide information, tell about you? Determine the purpose of your web first.

Determine the Audience

Who is your audience?
  1. Are they our students and teachers?
  2. Are they parents?
  3. Are they people from other schools?
  4. Are they the general populace?

Define the Goal

A purpose gives a general idea of what the site is for whereas a goal is very specific. The goal is what you want people to take away with them after they view your site. What, in particular, do you want them to know?

Define the Scope

Determine the scope of your web. The larger the scope, the more involved and difficult a web is to develop. A web covering the history of the American School in Japan is obvious much more complex than a web telling about a particular school trip.

Organize the Information

Develop the web on paper first. Give names to the major folders and pages and determine the navigation structure for your web. Make sure that you also plan for a way to meet the technical requirements for the web. After you have the structure on paper, you can then begin your web development.

Meet the Technical Requirements

Your web must be useable. For that reason, there are several technical requirements, given on the technical requirements page, that your will need to meet.

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