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V Web Site Instructions for FrontPage

You will develop your web together with your partner or partners. Each of you is responsible for assisting the others with the web. It goes without saying (so we’re going to write it) that your spelling, grammar, and punctuation will be near perfect. As you develop your web, you will be working in the same area as all of the other students so it is very important that you don’t “step on them”. That means you don’t do anything that might corrupt or overwrite their files. Oh, and don’t worry—we know who is doing what because we track all of your actions. J


Your website is, and you will work in the folder with the name of your mathematician.



Open FrontPage; FileèOpen WebèWeb Folders. Select the new folder icon and enter in Enter your password and let it take the default name. After this has been done once on a computer, it is there for selecting the next time. Your username and password are the same as for the discussion group.


Okay, now for the guidelines. Your focus at the beginning is to get the information down in a readable form. You will have time later to modify fonts and appearance.


bulletFile names will be small letters, numbers or underscores only without spaces. A file name is not the same as the title.
bulletHomepage name: Your homepage file name is the same as your folder name, but with an “htm” extension.
bulletTitles (right click on pageèpage propertiesètitle) will be meaningful.
bulletFont Sizes and Types: Use only the styles to change styles and font sizes (that is the box in the upper left). Do not change the font size or change the font from “(Default font)”. (If you want a larger font, use heading 1 style, heading 2 style, etc.)
bulletText Position. Do not position text with the space bar; use the left, right, and center buttons, list buttons, indent paragraph buttons, or create a table with no border.
bulletThemes and Shared Borders: Do not apply themes or shared borders.
bulletClipart: Don’t use clipart.
bulletNames: Use only your first name, first name and last initial, or last name.
bulletE-mail: Don’t include an e-mail; we will put one on each page.


If you don’t follow some of these directions, you will find your changes (or your page) gone the next time you try to edit it as we run a program every so often to clean up pages.

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