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Math—A State of Mine Project
Student Summary Questions

March 2001—May 2001



Dear Students,


Please sit down with your parents and open up the Math—A State of Mine web page that you made with your buddy. Have your parents read the site that you made. Then, explain the things that you had to do to be able to get this site up. This would cover everything from having to do the research, strangling on paraphrasing, passing messages in the discussion group, to deciding on the color of your headings and figuring out how to do links and style sheets. After that, sit down with your parents and agree upon the score that you both think clearly represents your work and mark that on the rubric sheet.


After you have scored the rubrics, you personally need to answer the following questions. Be sure to give clear examples from what you have done to explain your thinking along with full sentences.


Write your answers in the boxes below each question. Save the file as yourlastname.doc. If you would rather work on an electronic document on your word processor, get it here. If you are still stuck in the paper and pencil age, get the PDF file here.

1.      What were the three most surprising things that you learned, or learned how to do, in this project?


2.      Describe how working with your buddy went. Think about how the project, as a whole, and the contributions that each of you brought to the buddy team. Remember—be specific!


3.      As you know, this was the first time this project has been done. As teachers, we need feedback as to what went right and what we need to fix. Below, tell us two things that we should keep and two things that we need to fix. Explain why for each.


4.      What was the thing you were most proud of with this project?


5.      Now that we are all done, what does the title Math—A State of Mine mean to you?



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