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Math - A State of Mine

"Math - A State of Mine" is a project for students in Mr. Fincher's 6th grade math class and Ms. Fincher's 4th grade class to discover the contributions of mathematicians through the ages. 

Students, this is your page for the links to the project requirements. If you want to print pages, the PDF format will give you a better print, but you need to have the Adobe Acrobat®  Reader 4.0  installed. If you don't have it installed, Have your parents help you download it and install it from the link on the bottom of the page. 

Even though there are research links below, GO TO THE LIBRARY. We expect some citations from each group that come from non-Internet sources.

I. Introduction PDF Format

Discussion Group (password-protected)

II. Research Details PDF Format
III. Required Information for Your Web PDF Format
IIIA. Web Design Ideas Brainstorm By Students PDF Format
IV. Web Design Document PDF Format
V Web Site Instructions for Front Page PDF Format
VI Writing Rubric PDF Format
VII Web Site Rubric PDF Format
VIII Parent Letter PDF Format
IX Student Summary Questions PDF Format
X Permission Form PDF Format
Research Links
Mac-Tutor History of Mathematics Archives
Biographies of Women Mathematicians - Agnes Scott College
Uncle Kenny's Mathematics Pronunciation Guide - Kent Kromarek
Timeline of Mathematicians
Math Forum: Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics
History of Mathematics - David Wilkins
Mathematicians of the seventeenth and early eighteenth century - R. B. Ball

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