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   Euclid was a very famous mathematician. He was called the father of geometry. The best thing he was known for was his 13 volume The Elements.

    Almost nothing is known about Euclid's life, but they do know what he was like as a historical figure, and here it is. Without him the world might not be as far in the world of mathematics or developed. As a mathematician he is ranked probably one of the highest, for writing The Elements, the base of geometry. He was also a teacher and when he founded a school in Alexandria, Egypt he taught there. He was a nice person, but he was often sarcastic. He most likely came from a rich family because when he was little he went to Plato's school and in ancient Greece only the rich had education. After he finished school he most likely went to Alexandria where he discovered geometry and then wrote The Elements which he based on what he discovered. Euclid of Alexandria was confused with Euclid of Megara for a while, who was also a mathematician. Euclid was a popular name back then, so he was confused with a lot of Euclid's of that time. But what set him apart from all the others was his amazing inventions.

    The great contribution to the world my mathematician made was basically geometry. In his book, The Elements, all of the rules of geometry included  are basically the same as the rules today. As you read on through the site, you will see some other things that he invented, but I will tell you about some here. Geometry involves quite a few things, most of which Euclid added in his book. These are the volumes: Volumes 1-6: Plane Geometry. Volumes 7-9: Number Theory. Volume 10: Eudoxus' Theory of Irrational Numbers. Volumes 11-13: Solid Geometry. The first edition of the Elements was printed in 1482, although thousands more editions have been printed since then. Schools stopped using the Elements in 1901, but the theories stayed with what we have today. If the Elements were not made, we could not measure shapes, we would not be able to build good houses, and many other things. To me it looks like Euclid provided a base of geometry, which was developed through the centuries. 

    Euclid invented a lot of things that have changed the world today, so how are they still making a change in the modern world? Euclid’s ideas and theories are still making differences in the world today. Just look around you. Euclid’s ideas are being mainly used to build things. For instance, where do you think people got the idea to build more modern houses? From geometry. His ideas have changed the way that we build a computer, or listen to music. Where do people get all the new awesome CD or MD player shape ideas? From their heads, which they learned along time ago, thanks to Euclid, who invented geometry. His ideas change lots of things, maybe even the way that some scientists think about things. His ideas in The Elements might be changing the way that people teach things and the ways that we learn things so we might get people who have new ideas and will make the world farther in technology or something else. Euclid’s ideas have changed a lot of things now, software is much easier to use now that we have Euclid’s shapes to design chips and other parts of a computer. Also geometry still changing do to Euclid’s base ideas which have given scientists more ideas to do with Euclid’s main ones. Euclid’s ideas have been making differences since he discovered them, and will keep on making changes forever.


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