Interesting Facts About Al-Khwarizmi


Al-Khwarizmi's  life was  special, and now I will be telling you  what kind of  family he had. Al-Khwarizmi was born in in Uzbekistan. His parents migrated to south of Baghdad when he was only a little kid.  We don't know much about Al-Khwarizmi parents. He did Arab math so his family was probably Muslim. His family also might have known Latin because most of his books are translated into Latin. His books were translated into a bunch of other languages as well but Latin is the most common.

If al-Khwarizmi lived in a different place at a different time,  many things would be different for him. If Al-Khwarizmi lived in 2001 in Japan, he probably would have written most of his books in Japanese. He wouldn’t have been a 'olden days' mathematician, he would have been a nowadays mathematician. He probably would not have studied the lines of latitude because the people who invented it with him might have already invented it. I bet he would study the solar system because it includes math and also geography. One of the reasons why al-Khwarizmi did math was because the government wanted him to do math. If he lived in Japan he probably would have the governments’ support but the government might not have supported him as strongly as the other government did, so he might not have created and discovered so many different kinds of math. Also, his family might have not migrated if he lived in Japan, then we would basically here more about his parents and know their names and what they did.  If he lived in yet another place it would probably be different too. Al-Khwarizmi has translated stuff into different languages, but not English. Later on someone translated a book of his into English and then that book got translated into Chinese. If he were to live in America then he probably would have written his books in American, and then another language. I think that his second language would be Latin since that also was a popular language back then in America. He also might have studied a different kind of math too. For example I think that he would help see how much fuel a rocket needed to get to Mars or Saturn. There would have been this great big chance that the people who helped him invent his math would have invented the degree lines of Latitude without him.

In the web sites we have looked in they have been al-Khwarizmi’ name written in two slightly different ways: Abu Abdullah Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi and Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. When we write down his full name we will be using the second name that we have listed. You see that his name is not just al-Khwarizmi, it is longer than just that, probably because it is a Middle East name. The dates of his life which we all decided on are he was born770 AD and he died 840AD. There were different dates for these too.


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