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30 point assignment..

Note: While I'm at Izu, you may not ask Mr. Roen for help and you may not ask an adult for help. You must help each other but you cannot do the report for each other. If you don't understand the requirements, ask another student. So, how do you do this?

  1. BE PATIENT.  Hold your mouse over each selection in a menu to see what pops up.
  2. If I use a term, such as insert, see if the menu bar at the top has it.
  3. Help each other and use the help file. Key words for searching the help file index are: “insert field”, “set page margin”, “insert page break”, “page number”, "header", "footer", etc. Usually, the first item is what will help you.
  4. Try Something! Especially try right-clicking.
  5. Don't work alone!
  6. Don't depend only on the people next to you.

You are all in this together. If you figure out how to do something, you are expected to share your expertise with others.

You can do this. No whining is permitted.


First, you must follow the spirit of the assignment. Your task is to create a multi-page report that has a title page, page numbers, and headers and footers. You may either do the report from Mr. Roen (Teach Your Children) or your own report. If you do the report from Mr. Roen, you will end up with three pages total and it will look like the image below. Note that in the image below the first two pages are on the top.

To Begin

  1. Save the document in your network drive using a logical file name no more than 20 characters long. 
  2. Use 12 point Times New Roman with 1” top and bottom margins and 1¼” left and right margins. (These are the defaults so you shouldn't have to change them.)
  3. Go to File=>Page Setup=>Layout and check Different First Page under the Headers and Footers box. (This is the instruction most-frequently skipped.)
  4. Make sure your view is print layout so that you can see the headers and footers when you put them on.

Title Page

The following lines should be centered (left to right) on the title page by themselves and be single-spaced. (You get five extra points if you can do this using text boxes.

Text for you to enter


Teach Your Children Well

Line 11 or 2.9 inches from the top of the page. Use your own title if you are doing a different report. Although the HTML doesn't show this, you may use small caps in Bold Face for extra help.

A Keyboarding Report


Your Name

Line 25 or 5.6 inches from the top of the page. Use the enter key twice after each line so that it is double spaced.

Presented to

Mr. Fincher



Line 41 or 8.6 inches from the top of the page

After you put in the date, insert a page break so you are starting on page 2, where your body is.

Headers and Footers

View your headers and footers so you can see them. Then:

  • Header
    • Center the title. Use small caps and bold face.
  • Footer:
    • Make the font 10 point.
    • Left side: Type in your name.
    • Center: Put in the page number in the format "Page N". Patience on this one and check everything in the tool bar that popped up when you viewed the header and footer. (2 points extra if you can get the page to start with Page 1 of 2).
    • Right side: Insert a field with that has the name of the document.

The image below shows the footer from the first page followed by the header from the second page.



Start 1 1/2" to 2" from the top of the paper on the first page of the body. Make the body double-spaced with 1/2" indents.

Works Cited

At the end of the paper, hit the enter key twice while in double space mode, then type the "Works Cited" portion in the center and bold face. Strike the enter key twice more, then type in the information. The picture below show the works. The image below shows how it will look:

Do not print until I return unless you need it for another class.