Keyboarding Course Description

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Keyboarding Course Description


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Teacher: Mr. Fincher and Mrs. Arnote  Grade Level: 6, 7, and 8th grades   Prerequisite: None


  • Demonstrate the ability to key alphabetic copy using proper technique and a touch system.

  • Demonstrate the ability to process documents that are acceptable in format and error detection/correction.

  • Increase speed and accuracy in keying alphabetic copy.

Format: One period every other day.  Software: MicroType Pro, Microsoft Word

Grading Procedures:

Quarter grades will be based on a Pass/Fail system in which a student must earn at least a 70% in order to earn a Passing grade.

First Quarter: Grades will be based upon the student's ability to demonstrate proper technique, which includes:

  1. Position at the keyboard
  2. Correct keystroking
  3. Proper use of the space bar and return/enter key
  4. Ability to keep eyes on the copy
  5. Mind set

Technique grades will be assigned through teacher observation.† Points will be given in the 5 technique areas listed above.† Students must earn 70% of the total points to pass the quarter.

Second Quarter: Grades will be based upon the studentís ability to demonstrate proper technique and graded class assignments. Technique grades will be given in the same manner as first quarter. In addition, class assignments will be graded on a point system based on accuracy and format. Students must earn 70% of the total points to pass the course.

The TRC is available before, during and after school for additional practice or for make-up work.

Please feel free to call or E-mail me about any concerns you or your middle schooler may have.


Derrel Fincher


0422-34-5300 ext. 422


042-362-4314 (before 9 p.m.)


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