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If you are designing pages for a class or a school web site, you will want to familiarize yourself with the web site design requirements by looking at MS Web Development and the MS Web Standards.

Color Schemes

Can't decide what colors go well together? Petr Stanicek's Pixylophone site has an interactive color picker. It doesn't strictly follow the web color model, so be sure to read the help file, which is in English. Color Matters provides a quick overview of color theory and explains why color matters. Also, check to make sure your site by people with various forms of color blindness by checking it in Vischeck.


Your site has to be readable so use only fonts and colors that are easily readable. This usually means your font color should be dark, with a sans serif font, while your backgrounds are light 

Colour Readability
Gives a brief (very brief) explanation of making your text readable.
Readability from The NIST
The National Institute of Standards and Technology Visualization and Usability Group (VUG) provides hints on making text readable.
Readability Survey
This presents the results of a readability survey, with the message being to use sans serif fonts for use on the web. Reserve serif fonts for printing and limited design impact.

Design Tips

These sites are good for beginner web designers as they give quick tips and explanations of why you should be following these tips.

Top Ten Tips of Website Design
Just at it says, ten very useful tips on web design.
Web Design Tips
These tips are very useful, but are more verbose than the previous site's.
Useit.com: Jakob Neilsen's Website 
Dr. Nielsen is a usability expert and it shows in his site. He follows his own advice as he gives numerous tips and suggestions for designing web pages. His site also carries news articles about web design issues.
Web Developer's Virtual Library
The Web Developer's Virtual Library also has plenty of information, some of which is good for the beginner. However, this site is more appropriate for intermediate skill developers.

Of course, don't forget to check out our HTML Resources page.


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