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Squeakland is the place to learn how to create eToys and to use some of the basics of Squeak without needing to know major programming languages. You may also download a user-friendly version of Squeak.
Download Squeak and find out about the basics of this open-source programming language that is a descendent of Small Talk. This version will also work for E-toys and Active Essays from Squeakland, but it has more features that may make it more difficult for beginners.
Squeak Swiki
Our CoWeb is technically a Swiki (Squeak Wiki Wiki Web). The Squeak Swiki is another resource for finding out about Squeak and Swikis. It is run by Mark Guzdial of the Collaborative Software Lab at Georgia Tech. Other Swikis of interest at the same site include Squeak Pages, Squeak Class and Squeak Doc.

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