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Logo Commands

Common logo commands are available on this site that are useful for MSW Logo, but that can be used in many other versions.

Microworlds EX

LSCI publishes the Microworlds Logo series, with their website supporting it at  http://www.microworlds.com. They have a small students' projects library that can be viewed in your browser if you have the proper plugin installed. The programs given below for MSW Logo can be modified for EX.

MSW Logo

MSW Logo is  available for no cost from Softronix, Inc. MSW Logo is only available for Windows platforms.

Download MSW Logo. The correct link is for the Win32 Kit.

The programs below are text programs, but you can copy them into MSW Logo to test. You may

One Dimensional Rocket Program
One Dimensional Rocket Program with Comments
Two Dimensional Rocket Program

Note: Rocket Programs are adapted from: PCLogo for Windows, Harvard Associates, Inc.

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