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This is a static site as of our move from The American School in Japan to Taipei American School in June of 2004. John Mikton took over the course for the 2004-2005 school year.

Explorations is a series of courses designed to help students learn about various technologies in an environment focused on the ASIJ Student Learning Outcomes.


Marie and Takako edit a video. Click for a larger version.

Marie and Takako edit a video for a friend

Explorations I is the first course for many students in technology applications and covers areas applicable to your other class work. Explorations I is an introductory course incorporating word processing, spreadsheets, graphs, publishing, graphics, presentations, and HTML documents. If you are already skilled with one of the applications, you will be able to work on your own project to further your understanding. While this course will not automatically satisfy the ASIJ high school graduation requirement in technology, you will have the opportunity to use the digital portfolio you create to show that you meet the requirements for a waiver. Prerequisite: None, but keyboarding skills are highly recommended.

Students debate a sorting alorithm. Click for a larger version.

Students debate the merits of a sorting algorithm.

Explorations II is for students who wish to explore multimedia, programming, or some other aspect of technology in more detail. What you explore is up to you you will be working on your own project creating what you want to create. You may choose to create a Web site for yourself, write a game or simple web site program using one of the programming languages, build an animation in Flash, learn how to work with and edit digital photographs, create a digital video, etc. With your growing expertise, you will also be a resource for Explorations I students and you may also be asked to help others within the school on technology or to use your knowledge to document events within the school. If you are taking an honors course, this is an ideal class to create your project for that course. Explorations II may be repeated in a subsequent semester if a student wishes to explore other technologies. Prerequisite: Explorations I or consent of instructor.

Chris completes his computer. Click for a larger version.

Chris completes the assembly of his computer in Explorations III.

Explorations III is for students who wish to focus on an aspect of technology and have the background and experience to immediately propose a long-term project and begin work on it with only minimal supervision. In addition, you will work with the teacher to create a short lesson in your area of expertise and present it to Explorations I or Explorations II students. With your extensive expertise, you will be a resource for others in the class or in the school. Explorations III may be repeated in a subsequent semester. Prerequisite: Explorations II and consent of instructor.


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