Spring 2004 Assignments


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Explorations I: Digital Portfolio

Explorations II: Digital Learning Experience

Explorations III: Digital Learning Experience and Service


Assigned Assignment Date Due
February 9, 10 Learn FrontPage TBA
February 25, 26 Create a Book! March 18, 19
March 30, 31 Book Assessment In Class
March 30, 31 First Quarter Self-Assessment  
  All Digital Portfolios for Explorations I, II, and III due. Izu Week 2 students must complete them by May 13 and 14. May 19, 20
May 23 (B), 24 (A) Portfolio Assessment (Explorations I, II, III) Peer Assessments before you leave class. The rest by the beginning of the following class.
May 23 (B), 24 (A) Second Quarter Self-Assessment (Explorations I, II, III) End of Class May 26 (B) or 27 (A)
  High School Tech Skills Waiver Survey (Explorations I) By Friday, May28.
  Final Course Survey  

Tri-Class Reflection Dates

Tri-Class Reflections are due at the beginning of the period following the date assigned. Tri-Class Reflections are critical for your understanding and growth and are also key evidence you will use to support your evaluation of your learning.

  A days B Days
  March 4, 12, 18, 30 (Quarter Summary) March 5, 15, 19, 31(Quarter Summary)
  April 9, 21, 29 April 12, 22
  May 11, 19, 25 (Quarter Summary) May 1, 12, 20, 26 (Quarter Summary)

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Scan Tips by Wayne Fulton.

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