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Visual Basic Naming Conventions

Identifying objects in Visual Basic is easier if you use name that reminds you of what object or variable is. It's become a convention for Visual Basic programmers to use a three letter lower-case prefix to identify these objects. Some of the more common name prefixes are:

Object Prefix Example
combo box cbo cboCost
check box chk chkAddresses
command button cmd cmdRevert
data dat datName
directory list box dir dirSource
drive list box drv drvTarget
file list box fil filSource
frame fra fraColor
horizontal scroll bar hsb hsbZoom
image img imgFlyingDisk
label lbl lblProduct
line lin linUnderline
list box lst lstGreeting
OLE ole oleObject1
option button opt optBlue
picture box pic picAirplane
shape shp shpWireScreen
text box txt txtWagerAmounts
timer tmr tmrStopInput
vertical scroll bar vsb vsbContrast

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