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Spring 2003 Assignments

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Exploring Programming | Academics | Middle School | The American School in Japan

Fall, 2002


Go over the Course Description with your parents. Due September 15.

First Quarter Self-Assessment

Second Quarter Self-Assessment

Final Course Evaluation

Course Information

Course Description

Course Syllabus

Spring, 2003

Tri-Class Reflection Dates

Tri-Class Reflections are due at the beginning of the period following the date below unless otherwise stated in class. If you are absent, you must catch up as soon as you return

February 6, 14, 26

March 6, 14

April 1 (Quarter Self-Assessment)

April 9, 17

May 1, 13, 20

May 28 (Quarter Self-Assessment)


First Quarter Self-Assessment

Second Quarter Self-Assessment

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Spring 2002 Assignments

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