Digital Collaboration


Digital Collaboration: Across the room or round the world


November 8, 2003

Derrel Fincher

Middle School Math and Technology

The American School in Japan

Do you want your students to collaborate more outside the classroom? Do you want to help them become more independent in their learning? The technology of collaborative webs (CoWebs) only requires an Internet connection and a teacher who wants to help students collaborate more. In this workshop you will see how students from fourth grade and up have used CoWebs to collaborate on assignments and projects – in the class, between classes, and even between countries. You will work in a CoWeb to understand some of the power that it holds; see ways to use it in your class, and find out why students do most of the work instead of you. When you leave, you will be prepared to run your own CoWeb to help your students.

Digital Collaboration Presentation

Video of student explaining CoWeb organization
This is the video from the presentation. My sixth grade math class had been using the CoWeb for a while and it was getting "messy." I asked the students to come up with a way to organize it and present their way to the class. This is just one of the presentations. Note: It's large at 24MB as I did not recompress it since the diagram is important.

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