Pepperdine Assignments


Action Research Project Report

Letting Go: Online Collaboration and Communication in the Classroom

Summer/Fall 2001 Winter 2002 Spring 2002


VirtCamp© / Introduction to Distributed Learning Environments (4 Units)


Shaping the Learning Environment (2 units)


The Practicing Professional (1 unit)

VirtCamp© Photos

Digital Buddy (Sarah)

How my Digital Buddy sees me.

Rethinking High School: Assessment

Digital Learning Environment

Join an Organization: ISTE

Business Cards


Look to the Future

Selling the Dream

Selling the Dream CoWeb


Educating Today's Learner (3 Units)


Mentoring and Team Leadership (3 units)


Leadership and Educational Technology (4 units)

Communications Community of Practice among Middle School Students: a case study, HTML

Case Study, PDF

Case Study Assignment

Case Study Log

Mentoring Portfolio

Consensus and Surveys

Group Agreements

Educational Mission Statement

Leadership Beliefs

Scenario 2012: Global Transport

Scenario 2012 CoWeb

Access On Demand Summary

Access on Demand Outline



Learning and Technology (4 Units)


Curriculum and Technology (3 units)


Managing Learning Technologies for Change (3 units)

Digital Portfolio

My Learning Blueprint

LinkOne Blueprints

Reflection Web Log

Shootout at the OK Corral

The Rockhopper Posse

Web Site Evaluation Project


Curriculum Project

Curriculum Project Self Assessment

Curriculum Project Peer Assessment


Effective Technology Support

Copyright Considerations

Copyright Considerations CoWeb


Participatory Action Research (1 unit)


Participatory Action Research (1 unit)


Participatory Action Research (1 unit)

Action Research Project

ARP Cycle 1 Report

ARP Cycle 2 Report

Action Research Project Report

Summary of Readings

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